Process | So how do you get started? Where do you go from that first phone call?

First and most importantly, an initial consultation will be we can begin the conversation that will ultimately result in the completion of your new home or commercial faciltity. This can be done either over the phone or in person.   Please take some time to prepare for this meeting by having everything available that you have collected relative to your project, including your estimated budget. IF- following the initial consultation you are not ready to enter into a full contract for services- additional interim consultations may be available at an hourly rate-with the signing of a working may access a rough draft sample at this link.

Next, Richard will create a client-specific proposal based on the specfic services he will provide. This will include a number of options for you to choose from.  A full service contract that offers complete services through move-in is usually the preferred option.

After the proposal is discussed, appropriately edited and accepted, you will be asked to review and sign a contract.  This contract will outline the scope of the project as well as important milestones. It is important that you and your attorney read the contract thoroughly to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. After you sign and return the contract, you will meet with Richard again to kickoff the project and finalize any last minute details.

Construction budgets are established, site visits are completed, and concepts are discussed. The results of these discussions will guide the design process. For many clients, this is their first major construction project.   Don't worry. Richard and his team provide each client with guidance throughout the process - especially if they have never worked with an architect or completed a major project before.

The design and planning process consists of four key steps: Conceptual Design, Preliminary Design, Design Development, and when each of the preceding is complete and approved, the Final Construction Drawings and Specifications are completed.

The above outlines the team's most basic service.

Clients that choose to add optional additional services such as project management or construction management will be counseled on the details of each (with appropriate contract documents appended to the original contract).

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