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A quick note: I have received a number of requests from people that operate too far away for me to do a respectable consult...not because I don't want to...but because the travel expenses would not be justified for smaller projects...and therefore unfair to you.  If your project is less than $500,000 it would probably not be cost effective for me to visit you and the site often enough to control quality and/or hook up with local consultants to help reduce your costs...So I guess I need to say "anywhere" that is "cost effective".  That said:  
I don't say this to discourage you...but just to let you know my response on a small project might include the above... 

Click Here to request more info, (sorry but I had to take my e-mail address down since 'bots' were filling my inbox with spam Contact Form 

Richard Wayne Speer,
Architect, AEC Consultant, Sustainability, Project Manager, Constructibilty Consultant... 
On the ranch-in the Hill Country-near Boerne, Texas (about 45 minutes from Downtown San Antonio; 2 hours from Downtown Austin).  Since we currently work out of a  'home office' we do our 'first-time' visits with our clients at their place of business or at a convenient coffee spot.  Visits to the project site are charged to cover gas and travel time.
Office : 830.755.8035     
Or Join Us at  Linked In professional networking (just say "been to your site and would like to connect")

I hope you've found the information you were looking for when you came to our site.  As always, I'm happy to take a few minutes to talk more about how we can help your business plan, your dreams and your ambitions become reality. 
NOTE:Sorry but I get hundreds of marketing and charity solicitation calls...So...I really watch caller ID's(or I would never get anything done)...IF you block your caller ID or you would be calling from a toll free number it would be best to email me first...or just leave a message when you call. I try to return all calls by the next business day-if I don't I'm probably on the you might want to try my cell.                                          

...thanks for visiting...LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU!

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