I am the guy that will be your architect, project manager, owner's representative or general AEC Consultant...yes, the guy caught watching his grandson's antics in the photo above.  I conduct my business in a way that most architects used to - but now only occasionally fantasize about about. I do not see what I do so much as just a business but as more of an enjoyable calling.  When we agree to work together on your project it will be because I believe in you and what you are trying to achieve (or it has the potential of being so special that I just want to do it ) ...and I never do more than a couple of projects at a time.  This means that I will be the one doing, leading or directing the project-not some technician in the back room or another part of the World.   Based in Boerne, Texas in the Central Texas Hill Country.
    My core team is small, which is what I prefer; made up as needed from a network of dependable visionaries: other architects, engineers and technicians who mostly operate independently as well. For large projects we have relationships with major firms so that with their support we are capable of dealing with projects of any size. 
    When asked about "style" only response can be: I prefer creating unique projects whose architectural solutions reflect whole, symbiotic, reflections of their site and the clients' own philosophy as I understand it.  If, for example, concepts like "ultra-modern", "tech", "mineshaft modern","Tuscan" or "Hill Country" is the style you just have-to-build we'll look at it - and see if we can make it "work" as a good solution for your site.
    If you intend to build(or repurpose) something that you want to be truly sustainable-and not just "green" for ego points-I will do everything I can within my abilities to make it happen-controlling costs as much as is practicable.

To give you some idea of what types of projects I have been involved with over the years I invite you to visit my projects page.   There you will find some listings and a slide show(still working on it) that reflect a range of experience.   Give me a call to chat more about your dreams, plans or visions- l never charge you for an initial consultation...but visits to your site will incur a fee...and... I actually take calls from clients & future clients on evenings and weekends without grumbling.


I have been in the business of building since I was a child - spending my summers working on my uncles' construction projects. It was there that a feeling for the creation of the built environment was born. Pursuing this passion I later earned a Bachelor of Architecture Degree with high honors from the University of Texas School of Architecture, in Austin Texas and completed all coursework for the Master of Architecture program at the University of Texas at San Antonio.   Studies there included traditional and alternative building systems, advanced architectural design, historic preservation, land use planning, international practice and project management

In my early career I spent most of my time developing plans for modest single-family homes, and building them.  It wasn't glamorous, but it gave me a start, a platform if you will, from which to launch my professional career.  

After completing an undergraduate education, I had the opportunity to work as an architect/project manager  for a variety of architectural firms, an interior design firm, a project management firm and the City of San Antonio's Engineering Division.

Upon leaving the City Architect's job an opportunity to complete a construction project for a friend led to almost  20 years of working on my own on independent design/build projects.

I have worked mostly in Central Texas (San Antonio & the Hill Country) with some work in the areas around Atlanta, Austin, Dallas and Houston; as designer, project manager, architect, senior architect, partner and principal.  So...regardless of what 'it' is...If you need it done...I can figure out how to do it...or otherwise get it done.

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