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not budget busting) for you or me.

Local Area:Texas Hill Country
Serving Boerne, Leon Springs, Bulverde, Comfort, Welfare, Centerpoint, Bandera, Helotes, Fredericksberg, Pipe Creek, Spring Branch,  Blanco, Bergheim,
Canyon Lake,  Medina Lake, Hondo, Kerrville, Wimberley, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio and ALL Surrounding Areas.

Pursuing Net-Zero
and Passive House Solutions

Assisting Preppers-Survival Consulting

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Check out the Off-the-Grid
project we are doing for a disabled veteran up in Washington State.
Here's the case-study video showing the trials and tribulations of doing it yourself...working beyond the problems and succeeding.

Practical Solutions in Understandable Terms(Plain English)

It all begins with a conversation.

Need someone you can depend on for your first or next project? I will  help you through it...by partially or completely taking responsibilities off your hands, or managing the project, or by creating your own unique project design for you.
So... when you are ready to make that first step...sit down with your advisor, board or partner...summarize your project...then...
call me or click an  email link to begin a conversation. 
- Richard W.Speer
AEC Consultant, Architect, Project Manager, Owner's Rep.

Planning(projects, development, land use, stategic, programming), designing, managing, property condition accessments, feasibility studies, historic property consulting, even farm & ranch and disaster preparedness planning...

If you are looking for a "conventional" architect we may not be a good fit...I learned to build things first...before becoming an architect...not the other way around.

AND...don't worry...sustainable energy efficient solutions will not be part of some "hard sell" ...it's your choice...I will mention; but will not push.


I don't have a 'stock' solution for your project...I don't have a "design for you" already in my head...I start each project as if it had never been done before. AND I will help you figure out what will work best for you, at your location, and within your budget(if it's realistic).

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CONTACT BY EMAIL: Sorry but I had to take  my email address off due to excessive spam.  Please call or use the contact form.  or type in:   speer  @  my-architect.net
CONTACT BY PHONE: 830...755... 8035


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